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At Amass, we have revolutionized patient collections by leveraging decades of experience in medical collections. Statistics show that if a patient has not paid their bill within 90 days, the chances of payment decreases by 70%. Amass prevents this by providing timely reminders and convenient payment options to improve healthcare revenue cycle management.

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First, we partner with your office to analyze your current method of billing patients.

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Next, we come up with a roadmap to help patients pay their bills effectively and in a timely manner.

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Lastly, we partner with your office to help gather whats already yours.

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Why Choose Us


Our focus is on driving up your rate of return while driving down the amount of people falling over 90 days.

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Hands On

Here at Amass we value relationships. After partnering together you will have a liason specifically assigned to your office to keep communication clear and concise.

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There is nothing more refreshing than bringing on a company who cares about your practice likes its our own. You worked hard to earn your patient's trust, we work hard to keep that.

What We Are Not

After doing some research we've learned that many people do not

have the best experiences with "Collection Agencies"- and that includes both medical practices and patients. So we're doing things differently. We won't be contacting your patients as an outside agency to collect any debts. Instead, we'll reach out directly as part of your healthcare provider's team.

From Our Clients

Unilab is an FDA-registered medical laboratory specializing in infertility and reproductive testing. Unilab is the largest specialized medical infertility lab in the state, trusted by fertility doctors everywhere.

Over 1 million dollars collected since 2022

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